What's Your 1 More?


"What’s Your 1 More?” with Quinton Harris is an enlightening and inspiring podcast that brings listeners into the heart of a simple, yet profound question: "What's Your 1 More?" Drawing from a lively conversation sparked among family and friends, Quinton, with his wife Erin, and the Joyce family, this question drives the exploration of our personal and professional aspirations - be it a dream waiting to be realized, a goal ready to be tackled, or a person you've always yearned to meet.

On WY1M, Quinton leverages his two decades of rich experience in life, leadership, and business to create a platform where stories of passion and perseverance unfold. Each episode offers an intimate glimpse into the journeys of influential business leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, and athletes - many of whom Quinton has fostered enduring friendships with.

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned business leader, or someone looking for that push to chase your one more, this podcast promises enlightening conversations, invaluable lessons, and the unique opportunity to witness the crossroads where life and business intertwine. Embark on the ultimate "One More" journey with Quinton, as he unravels what lies behind the successes, challenges, and transformative moments of those who dared to ask, "What's Your 1 More?" Join us, because maybe, just maybe, this podcast could be your "One More" towards achieving what you've always aimed for.