Ep. 38 - The 4 Pillars of Success with John Mendez

Mar 13, 2023
What’s Your 1 More Podcast
Ep. 38 - The 4 Pillars of Success with John Mendez

What are the 4 Pillars of Success? 

John Mendez is a successful entrepreneur, podcaster, and real estate investor who has achieved remarkable success by following four key pillars: mindset, personal finance, entrepreneurship, and real estate. 


His show, Walk2Wealth, is a testament to what he’s achieved by applying himself and bringing others on the journey to success with him. 


In our latest episode, John reveals his inspiring story of how anyone can achieve their goals with certain elements. Here, we’ll explore what he calls the 4 pillars of success.


If you're looking to succeed in today's fast-paced and competitive world, you're in the right place. Whether you want to start a business, invest in real estate, or manage your finances better, these principles can help you achieve your goals.

The Pillar of Mindset


John began his journey to success by developing a positive mindset. He has proved that a positive attitude is essential for success in any endeavor. 


He also emphasizes the importance of taking risks and learning from failure. By having an open mind and being willing to take risks, he reached his goals despite facing setbacks along the way.


One of the topics we covered was how limiting beliefs are not free. They cost you your wins. When you adopt a growth mindset and let go of those doubts, you take the ceiling off of your success. 


The Pillar of Personal Finance


The second pillar is personal finance. John believes that having a solid financial foundation is essential for achieving long-term success. 


Starting out with nothing, he learned to manage his finances wisely and built wealth to become an entrepreneur and investor.


The Pillar of Entrepreneurship


The third pillar of success is entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs should be willing to take risks to attain their goals. John emphasizes the importance of networking and building relationships with other entrepreneurs to gain knowledge and resources to help them succeed. 


By taking calculated risks and networking with other entrepreneurs, he launched several successful businesses over the years.


The Pillar of Real Estate


Finally, the fourth pillar is one near and dear to my heart: real estate. Investing in real estate is one of the single BEST ways to build wealth over time


A hard asset you can manage is a valuable income stream. Researching local markets before investing in properties and working with experienced professionals who can guide you can lead to a booming portfolio of rental properties that generate passive income.


Bottom Line


John Mendez’s journey to success provides valuable insights into how anyone can achieve their own goals by following these 4 pillars. While on the surface, these can sound like platitudes, John’s story is proof that it works. 


For more about how John started from working at restaurants to owning a successful podcast and interviewing people like Grant Cardone, tune into the latest episode of What’s Your 1 More podcast.